Glasgow City Council passes Lib Dem equal marriage motion

My Liberal Democrat Councillor of the Week is Alex Dingwall of Glasgow City Council. Yesterday, Alex introduced this motion which committed the Council to respond to the Scottish Government’s equal marriage consultation supporting same sex marriage, extending civil partnerships to mixed sex couples and very firmly stating that allowing equal marriage does not undermine the freedom of any religious group which does not want to offer it.

The motion received unanimous backing, which is a good sign. Credit is due to Alex and his Lib Dem colleagues for doing the work to make it happen.

And, by way of nagging, if you haven’t yet responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation, you can do so here. Don’t leave it until the last minute – but you do have a while yet, until 9th December.

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4 Responses to Glasgow City Council passes Lib Dem equal marriage motion

  1. Bob says:

    A few weeks ago you said that there would be no discrimination against Christians or priests who didn't agree with gay marriage. The legislation hasn't been made law yet and already two Christians have been discriminated against. Gordon Wilson was sacked from the board of CAB for saying he didn't agree with gay marriage. He was happy for the CAB to assist with gay marriage inquiries etc but just wanted to be up front and honest.
    In another case a housing worker in Trafford was demoted and lost £15K in annual wages for sayning he wasn't happy with gay marriage. He said he wouldn't discriminate but wanted to be up front and honest. This is before the legislation comes into play.
    Ah you say. But they weren't priests in a church and they're protected. Doubtful. And what if they are. Won't their views then be known and they could no longer apply for housing or CAB jobs in the future ?


  2. Bob says:

    Answer there is none. Shock lol


  3. Caron says:

    Some of us have plans for our Friday nights, Bob.

    The incidents you describe are nothing to do with the law on equal marriage as it would be implemented. No church would be forced to conduct them.

    Have either of the cases you mention had a court decision? At first glance, I think you'd need to be sure that a housing manager would not discriminate against same sex couples.

    And as I've said before, churches already refuse to marry people for all sorts of reasons from divorce to not going to church regularly. Nobody has ever challenged them legally. Allowing equal marriage will not lead to the situation you describe.

    The churches have been told this so often, and it will be enshrined in the legislation that they won't be compelled to carry out same sex marriages. You have to wonder at the motives of someone who continues with this line of argument. It's almost as though they are trying to deceive.


  4. Bob says:

    I'm not trying to deceive and have no alternative motives. I was just highlighting the fact that you said there would be no discrimination against people who objected to gay marriage when there obviously is. The former MP Gordon Wilson has lost his seat on the board of the CAB and the housing officer has been demoted. So there is discrimination. Church ministers will have to think carefully before deciding to refuse gay weddings in their churches as this could affect their future careers.



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