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Ian Davidson is the wrong person to chair the Scottish Affairs Committee

I’ve thought for some time that Glasgow South West MP Ian Davidson is the wrong person to chair the Scottish Affairs  Committee of the Westminster Parliament. Any Parliamentary Committee is there to hold the Government to account and so its … Continue reading

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Professor John Curtice sees "obvious" problem in SNP Referendum plan

Hot on the heels of Willie Rennie forcing the SNP to admit yesterday that, under their plans, even if independence was the second most popular option, it could be counted as the winner in the Referendum, Professor John Curtice of … Continue reading

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That strange SNP logic where Independence will win even if it comes second

Over the years I’ve become accustomed to the fact that the SNP have trouble counting. Any analysis of any of their spending commitments at any election has shown a gaping hole somewhere. I think the funniest thing was them accounting … Continue reading

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Bob’s photos: more Edinburgh in the morning

These  were taken on Friday 21 October at around 7:50 am. He normally gets off the train at Waverley but had walked from Haymarket because was handing in some forms nominating Jo Swinson to be Deputy Leader of the Scottish … Continue reading

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Edinburgh on an October morning

As taken by my husband yesterday morning on his mobile phone. I think the sky is gorgeous. Oh, and I did ask him first if I could post them here….

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Please say we’re not a nation of tricoteuses – the appalling coverage of Gaddafi’s death

Before I start, don’t think for one moment that I will be shedding any tears for Muammar al-Gaddafi. He was a thoroughly nasty, cruel, manipulative man who cared little for the lives of innocent people, whether his own citizens or … Continue reading

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What we’re all missing in the Mike Hancock affair

A fair few Liberal Democrats, myself included, have raised our eyebrows over the story that Mike Hancock, our MP for Portsmouth South, who has stepped down from the Defence Select Committee because of his relationship with a woman, now facing … Continue reading

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Scunnered already – and the referendum won’t happen for years……

We’ve had a wee glimpse of what life would be like if Tom Harris won the leadership of Scottish Labour over the last couple of weeks – and it isn’t a pretty sight. The debate on the future of our … Continue reading

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Caron’s Corkers – 18th October 2011

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger wants evidence of clearly wrong decisions made by the benefits system – do you know anyone who has been refused benefit who is too ill to work? The World According to Sog reminisces on a … Continue reading

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Remember that diversity debate at Scottish Conference?

Well, Lib Dem voice have let me write about it for them here. I’ve tried to be balanced – but hope I haven’t in doing so upset all sides equally…

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