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Campaign activists get to have dinner with Barack Obama

I just love this – and I love how natural Obama is with these people. I love all the details about how he spends his days, too. The other thing is, watching the West Wing, you get the idea that … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg offers hope with £1bn Youth Contract

It was good to wake up this morning to see Nick Clegg on tv talking about the Coalition Government’s new Youth Contract, which aims to reduce youth unemployment which, at over a million, is at an unacceptable level. Nick has … Continue reading

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Help The Burd buy books for vulnerable kids this Christmas

The charity Children 1st  aims to improve the lives of Scotland’s children by providing services to help them and speaking out for them to law and policy makers. The Scottish blogosphere’s Kate Higgins, who writes for Better Nation and her own … Continue reading

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John Barrowman catches thief in Glasgow hotel

We’re used to seeing Captain Jack Harkness getting himself into scrapes and fights as he saves the earth as leader of the intrepid Torchwood organisation. We associate the actor who plays him with fluffy Saturday night entertaining and the occasional … Continue reading

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But, Boss, the Prime Minister told me to bring her…….

Yesterday afternoon, I had a text from my daughter’s school confirming that they were definitely closing next Wednesday, the day of the massive public sector strike over pensions. But, that’s fine – no problem – because David Cameron and Louise … Continue reading

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Oi, media, were you asleep last year when Clegg effigies were being hanged?

There’s a lot of fuss in the media about the entirely tasteless antics of St Andrew’s university students in burning an effigy of Barack Obama. It’s a crude ritual that really should not happen in a modern, liberal society. No … Continue reading

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Lallands Peat Worrier revealed – the video

Thanks very much to the nice Mr Moridura for having the presence of mind and the technical know how to put our Lallands Peat Worrier blogger Andrew Tickell’s tv debut up here on You Tube. Here he is, in glorious, floppy haired, … Continue reading

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Labour leadership hopeful’s staffer tells student to "shut the f*** up" at demo

Labour MSP Ken Macintosh comes over as a quiet, thoughtful man. He’s certainly always been very mild mannered whenever I’ve seen him interviewed. I’m not sure he would be impressed with the actions of one of his staffers at today’s … Continue reading

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Who benefits from the fuss about the #womanontheleft?

I have not been well this week. Pretty average bug for this time of year, but it’s played merry hell with my plans to get organised for Christmas. I am being sensible and resting as much as I can. Spending … Continue reading

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