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12 Predictions for 2012

Somehow I managed not to make any predictions for this year, but I thought I’d dust off the old crystal ball and see if it’s still in good working order. Here are a dozen things that might happen in the … Continue reading

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McCartney in Liverpool – what You Tube has to offer

Ok, nothing beats being there, but You Tube has a good selection of videos of the evening and they bring back some memories and some goosebumps. Here are some of the best I’ve found so far. Specifically for my friend … Continue reading

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My 2011 in Blog Posts

With just 11 hours of 2011to go, I thought I’d give you a flavour of my year. It’s had huge highs and horrible, horrible painful lows. Now, we have enough notice of when the year’s going to end. Maybe next … Continue reading

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My 11 most read blog posts of 2011

Thanks to the wonder of Google Analytics, I can tell you that my most popular blog posts of the year are…. 1. The sad, but happy for her, news that Claudia Winkleman would not be doing It Takes Two this … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie’s New Year Message

“In May, we were nearly wiped off from the Scottish Parliamentary map. I got it. I understood why that happened.   “But equally I am convinced that liberalism, not nationalism, will dominate Scottish political landscape in the years ahead.  Our … Continue reading


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Michael Moore – handy with a hoover, a pie and a cello

I can’t let the Festive Season go by with out posting this hilarious cartoon Christmas card, featuring Michael Moore, Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, Vince Cable and Chris Huhne as elves. It makes me howl with laughter every single time….. Thanks … Continue reading

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I can tell you the secret now……

Six weeks or so ago I tweeted that I was more excited than the most excited thing on the planet, but I couldn’t tell you about it. You all knew that it had to be something really special if it … Continue reading

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Review: That Paul McCartney Concert

The adventures of 2 Beatles obsessives and a Responsible Adult in Liverpool, Part 3You may also want to read Parts One and Two of this happy tale. As you can see, our seats were really good. They should have been … Continue reading

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Former MP John Barrett speaks out against ESA assessments for Cancer patients

Regular readers will be aware of mine and George Potter’s campaign against the Government’s proposals to put Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy through work capability assessments. At the moment, if you have Cancer and are undergoing IV chemo, you … Continue reading

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BBC misogyny is so 2011

You would expect, wouldn’t you, that a public service broadcaster with a deserved reputation for quality as the BBC has, would be very careful to make sure that it didn’t discriminate against any one group of people. Unfortunately not. This … Continue reading

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