12 Predictions for 2012

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

Somehow I managed not to make any predictions for this year, but I thought I’d dust off the old crystal ball and see if it’s still in good working order. Here are a dozen things that might happen in the year ahead.

1. The SNP will wimp out on full equal marriage, allowing it in civil ceremonies but not for religious.
2. Obama will win the presidential election against Romney, but it’ll be a close run thing and our hearts will be in our mouths for most of the time between Labor Day and 6th November.
3. A Liberal Democrat Cabinet seat will change hands, and will not be a resignation on principle.
4. Jo Swinson will become a minister.
5. The coalition will last the year, but there will be more public differences of opinion between ministers particularly over immigration and human rights.
6. The Eurozone will limp on, narrowly avoiding catastrophe on a weekly basis, but with real hardship for people as many economies, including ours, go into recession.
7. The Government will not win the vote on time limiting Employment and Support Allowance in the House of Lords and will have to rethink the policy. 
8. A date for the referendum on independence will be set.
9. British sportswomen will outperform British men in the Olympics, which will have plenty of rows and the odd cock up attached to them.

10. Labour will not make up any ground in the polls and Ed Miliband’s position will be at best under threat by the end of the year.

11. The 2012 F1 World Championship will be decided on the last race between Vettel, Button and Webber. Raikonnen and Schumacher will both win races and challenge for podium positions during the year.

12. Steven Moffat will relent and give Karen, Rory and River a happy ending.

About caronlindsay

Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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4 Responses to 12 Predictions for 2012

  1. Andrew says:

    Well, I sincerely hope you're wrong on the first point. It will certainly be a disgraceful cop out if the SNP does “wimp out”, rather than take a bold lead for equality.

    I suppose we can only wait and hope for the best possible outcome.


  2. You missed this one. The UK economy is up the Kaiber without a paddle and the monsoon of financial debt coming downstream like a tsunami will swamp whatever faith one has in Westminster keeping the HMS UK afloat.

    Debt Britannia


  3. oneexwidow says:

    I really hope 4 happens.


  4. Clair says:

    I'm in agreement with the likelihood of 1-10, I'll nod in a “that sounds great” way whilst inside thinking “what on earth is she on about” and as for 12, I don't think there is anyway we can keep the lovely amy et al. 😦
    But like everything else in Dr Who, the regeneration brings it's own brilliance and entertainment.


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