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About: Iris Walker

Iris Walker came to the first training session we had for Council candidates last Summer and I immediately thought she was brilliant. Full of enthusiasm, keen to learn and put into practice what she was told and totally embedded in … Continue reading

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About: Peter Barrett

This is another part of my series of posts about my friends who are standing for election this week. I’ve known Peter Barrett who’s standing in the Perth City Centre ward pretty much since I came back to Scotland. Despite … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie: Every area deserves a local Lib Dem champion

Willie Rennie has been all over Scotland over not just the past four weeks, but ever since he was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats last May. His motivation and enthusiasm has been a fantastic support to activists everywhere.  In … Continue reading

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When will the SNP come clean on all their dealings with the Murdoch Empire?

The SNP claimed last August that they were being perfectly open and above board about their dealings with the Murdoch Empire when they released details, supposedly, of all their administration’s meetings with all media.  At the time, Stewart Hosie said:“The … Continue reading


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Andrew Wiseman’s E-mail on Conference security

As you know, I’ve written at length about my opposition to any sort of accreditation system for party members at our Federal Conference as I believe it represents an illiberal intrusion into private life by the Police which will not … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen a Government consultation pushed in your face quite so much?

I’ve just done a Google search for yesterday’s report into conditions at Cornton Vale which I know is going to make horrendous reading. What is it going to take for Kenny MacAskill to do something about this? The sooner he’s … Continue reading

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SNP Sleaze continues as MSP caught using public funds to promote council candidates

It’s not been an easy few weeks for the SNP. Even before yesterday’s revelations from Leveson, Alex Salmond was squirming when Willie Rennie confronted him over his close ties to Rupert Murdoch which led to him playing down the phone hacking controversy … Continue reading

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How Vince avoided Murdoch – an example of appropriate ministerial behaviour

Today’s Guardian carries a report by Patrick Wintour which shows the frustrations of the News Corporation camp as they tried and failed to develop the same sort of close relationship with Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable as they had … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie: Murdoch says "Jump", Alex Salmond says "How high?"

Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has said that First Minister Alex Salmond has been sullied by James Murdoch’s revelations at the Leveson Enquiry. Amongst e-mails filed for the Enquiry to consider, one from Frederic Michel, News International’s … Continue reading

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FCC’s dramatic vote – who voted against immediate accreditation?

Word reaches my ears of an intelligent, calm and rational debate at Federal Conference Committee last night as they discussed the pros and cons of whether to accede to the request of Sussex Police to use an accreditation system for … Continue reading

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