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Holyrood honours the Queen

I’ve just been reading through the Parliamentary Debate which honoured the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee yesterday. Each Party leader, including Patrick Harvie, made a short speech and I felt that they captured what the Queen means to Scotland and its people. … Continue reading

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The final proof that I was right over Yes Scotland’s web scam – attacked by Newsnet Scotland

So, Yes Scotland has been forced into a third climbdown and has said it will no longer harvest the details of its Twitter followers. In the future, those pictured on the website will have signed up actively in some way … Continue reading

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More on Yes Scotland’s dodgy digital dealings #yesscam

So, after my mother of all blog rants about Yes Scotland portraying its Twitter followers as supporters, and its son, in which I told you that they had at least partially climbed down by altering their site, there have been more developments … Continue reading

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Complaint upheld against SNP’s Rob Gibson, caught using expenses to fund SNP candidates

Just a quick update on a story I brought to you last month about SNP MSP Rob Gibson. He used adverts, funded by the Scottish Parliament, for his surgeries which included some heavy duty promotion of his staff who at the … Continue reading

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So, Yes Scotland’s failure is my fault….even though they’ve altered their site

Apparently, if I don’t like the fact that Yes Scotland want to take my photo, stick it on their site & imply I’m backing them, I should ‘gie’s some peace’ and stop following Yes Scotland’s Twitter account. That’s the feedback … Continue reading

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Yes Scotland must be desperate…….

Now, dear reader, you may not know me very well, but I would have thought that you would have realised that I was, to say the least, unlikely to be supportive of independence. Why, then, in the name of the … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg in secret courts victory – but the debate is not over

If you doubt the Liberal Democrat influence in this Coalition Government, look no further than today’s news about how the Government has moderated its plans on secret courts in three important ways at the insistence of  Nick Clegg. The key concessions … Continue reading

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