In Full: Willie Rennie’s speech at Better Together launch

Yesterday, Willie Rennie gave the final speech at the Better Together launch. I love this photo as it shows the lovely view in the background. It was taken, by the way, by Graeme Littlejohn and is reproduced with his permission.

Willie’s speech was typically genuine, heartfelt and, equally typically, delivered a kick up the backside at the end, where he challenged people to do something every day to campaign for Scotland to remain within the UK.

Here’s the speech in full:

I want to thank each and every person who spoke up here today and in that film  – spoke up for their nation.
They were genuine, heartfelt and optimistic.
For all that, those people are an inspiration.
As you’ve heard, for some the arguments that matter come from the heart.
They want our UK family to stay together because of their own family stories, because of their own life experience, and because of the common history and experience that binds us together.
For some, the arguments that matter come from the head. They want our UK family to stay together because they know that together our economy is stronger, our country is safer, and our voice in the world is louder.
For some people, most people, it’s all of these things. It’s about partnership, ambition and optimism.
Whilst it will be a personal decision, your decision is not really just for you it’s for future generations too. It’s a big responsibility to make a decision about what legacy you want to leave for future generations. But it’s a decision we will take together.
So in this campaign, you’ll hear why we are safer, stronger, better together.
You’ll hear from all three parties here, but much more importantly, you’ll hear from individuals from every corner and community of Scotland.
We will take nothing for granted. In the campaign to keep our family together, we will work for every vote. Our opponents will be determined. They are passionate about their cause and will work to win. But I am determined that we will lead a campaign that will match them, and more, with our passion and our effort.
It is a decision that we will take in a few hundred days; but which will have an impact for hundreds of years. We have those days to make the case to keep a stronger Scotland in a united kingdom. For every supporter here this morning, watching online, following on twitter or however you hear this message I have a task for you.
When you wake up each day I want you to ask what you will do this day to keep Scotland stronger in a united kingdom. You could raise funds, deliver leaflets, answer the phones, tweet or whatever you can do.
Because you can do it.
This is for all of us. Scots from every part of our country. Every background. Every community. coming together to work together for a  better Scotland.
Better together.

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