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"Showing off her bump" – the vanishing identity of a pregnant woman

It’s a painful experience, but I do read the Daily Fail every day. I always feel that it’s important to be aware of the misinformed bile it’s giving out to people. On right hand side of their web page there’s … Continue reading

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Michael Moore: It’s time to crack on and sort out the referendum details

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland Mike Moore has used a speech to a business conference in Edinburgh to talk about the next steps in the preparation for the referendum on independence to be held by the Scottish Government. … Continue reading

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Why Farron rocks – Party President says he’ll stop using "hard working families"

Well, who says politicians don’t listen? Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat Party President, has said he will stop using the term “hard working families” after a few of us expressed our concerns about it. I had a bit of a … Continue reading

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That awful "hard working families" phrase….

If there was one phrase used by politicians, including Liberal Democrats, I could choose to put in Room 101, it would be “hard working families.” This is partly because it doesn’t reflect all those who have been helped by the … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg calls for emergency taxes on wealthy

Nick Clegg has told the Guardian that he wants to see a time limited extra tax for the wealthiest so that it can be seen that they are shouldering their share of the burden of the country’s economic challenges. He warned that, … Continue reading

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The Thick of It is back soon – here’s the trailer

Very soon, we’ll see for ourselves how Armando Ianucci and co have transformed The Thick of It to take account of coalition. It has been away too long. I need to hear some good old fashioned Malcolm Tucker profanity again. … Continue reading

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More misogyny – but this time it’s all a joke

I’ve been highlighting some of the scary things Republicans have been saying as regards rape today and a friend of mine sent me something that shows that it’s not just politicians from the US right who say stupid and dangerous … Continue reading

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