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Conference: the good, the bad and the ugly

Now that I’ve had some sleep and recovered from the fun of Federal Conference in Brighton, I thought I’d share with you some of the highs and lows of a thoroughly enjoyable five days. The Good When Shami beat Paddy:  You … Continue reading

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Jo Swinson’s speech to #LDConf in full

On Wednesday, Jo Swinson made her first platform speech to Conference as a Minister. She spoke about the need for work to be fulfilling and told how she would introduce the right for all to request flexible working and would … Continue reading

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HERE BE SPOILERS: Review of The Angels take Manhattan

Well, that’s it, then. The Ponds have gone. There will be spoilers later on so don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what happens. You know how soft I am, so it will come as no surprise … Continue reading

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Herald reveals SNP’s savage Police cuts

When I was on Brian Taylor’s Big Debate on Friday, one of the questions was on the 3000 civilian jobs expected to go after the creation of the single police force. My answer was that it was hardly responsible government … Continue reading

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In which I was on Brian Taylor’s Big Debate

So, I’m lurking outside the conference hall on Wednesday morning just before Jo Swinson’s speech when my phone rings. The unfamiliar voice from the blocked number announces herself as a producer from Brian Taylor’s Big Debate. She asks me if … Continue reading


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The SNP and the English Democrats

On Tuesday, in his speech to the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton, Willie Rennie called on conference representatives from south of the border to make the case for keeping the union together and not just give the stage to the … Continue reading

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Why do men think it’s ok to get their Nuts out in public?

I don’t know much about the man who sat two seats along from me on the flight home from Gatwick last night, but he made me deeply uneasy. I know that he’s a Rangers fan, and that he’s on Twitter, … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg’s speech in full #ldconf

Analysis later but for now, here’s Nick’s speech in full. This summer, as we cheered our athletes to gold after gold after gold, Britain remembered how it feels to win again. But more importantly, we remembered what it takes to … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie tells Liberal Democrats: Liberal values need to be at forefront of independence debate

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie gave his keynote address to the Brighton Liberal Democrat Conference this morning. Seeing him speak after  MIke Moore, you can see how their vastly different styles complement each other.  Mike is statesmanlike and reasonable,Willie … Continue reading

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Mike Moore tells Liberal Democrat Conference: UK family is stronger together

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland  gave a keynote address to the Liberal Democrat Conference today. It was every bit as measured and reasonable as you might expect from him. It’s good to see that there’s been progress to … Continue reading

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