Nick Clegg announces Jo Swinson as Equalities Minister

Remember the almighty wailing and gnashing of teeth on here a week ago when it appeared that Nick Clegg had given our treasured equalities work to the Tories?

Well, now it transpires that we are going to have a Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister after all. And the best one possible. Step forward Jo Swinson. And it looks like she’ll be handling equal marriage and not Helen Grant. 
Here’s what landed in my inbox a few minutes ago from Nick Clegg:
Dear Caron,

Tonight I’ve been hosting a reception to celebrate the Coalition’s commitment to equal marriage, an issue I’m very proud that Liberal Democrats are delivering on in Government.

I was delighted to be joined at the reception by Jo Swinson MP – who I’m pleased to announce is our new Equalities Minister, in addition to her role as Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs.

Jo is one of the new Liberal Democrat team in Government; I am also delighted to welcome back David Laws and to bring Jenny Randerson, Don Foster and Tom Brake into Government roles. Their ability, enthusiasm and wisdom will be crucial as the Coalition puts Liberal Democrat policies and values into action.

I would also like to pay tribute to Sarah Teather, Paul Burstow, Andrew Stunell and Nick Harvey. They have all played a big part in making our country more liberal and have a number of significant achievements to their names. I know they will all continue to have a huge role in our party.

You can see the new Liberal Democrat Ministerial team here and the full Government here.

Equal marriage is just one of the many Liberal Democrat achievements in Government that our new Ministerial team are committed to delivering. We’ll also be fighting to make tax fairer, promote jobs and growth, improve education and protect the environment.

That is what Liberal Democrats are in politics for – and what Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government will deliver.

Best Wishes,

I had heard rumours that there would be a Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister and I have to make a big apology to my source(s) who, I’d decided, had got the wrong end of the stick. I should have known better. Sorry.

And I will forgive Nick Clegg for the week of trauma and rage he’s put me through. I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it in this weird way if there hadn’t been a bloody good reason. There’s a story here that smells of wrangling with the Tories and eventually winning through.

Now I can just be reassured that we have a Liberal Democrat minister who gets equalities and who will keep on with the body confidence stuff that the Tories really don’t understand. I can now feel confident that equal marriage will happen.

Phew! And WTF?!


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2 Responses to Nick Clegg announces Jo Swinson as Equalities Minister

  1. Munguin says:

    I see that Nick Clegg has the usual Lib Dem malaise of claiming things as achievements before they have actually……..erherm…….been achieved.

    The sentence: “Equal marriage is just one of the many Liberal Democrat achievements in Government that our new Ministerial team are committed to delivering” simply does not make sense. Can Nick explain to me how you can deliver something which in the same sentence you say you have already achieved?

    As far as I am aware the actual situation is that equal marriage in England is nowhere near being achieved, and still has to get past the Tory awkward squad. Who have it in their sights after the Lib Dems ruined their attempts to gerrymander the UK seats and get an extra 20 for the Tories. After they in turn put the mockers on that other much trumpeted Lib Dem “achievement” lords reform. Is that right Caron?

    In Scotland the SNP have proposed a bill in this session to actually do what Jo is nowhere near “delivering” and this has nothing to do with Nick Clegg, Willie Rennie or Jo Swinson.


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