What have the Liberal Democrats ever done for you?

It’s just dawned on me that this time next week, I’ll actually be in Brighton for Federal Conference. It’ll be the first one I’ve attended in full since Brighton in 1998. On that occasion, I’d found out I was pregnant just four days before and had to go through Conference neither smoking nor drinking.

Anyway, it is very good to see that the party has produced, ahead of Conference, a handy little pocket guide containing all the good things we’ve done in Government, impeccably illustrated. There are sections on everything from Fair Tax to Jobs to the Environment to crime, health and housing. There are things in there I didn’t know about – like how MRSA infection has plummeted and how we’ve reduced mixed sex wards by 98%. 
It’s very clear that we have slashed taxes for the poorest, where the Tories would have cut them for the richest. In fact, the richest are paying £4 BILLION more than they were under Labour. There’s no way the Tories would have done that on their own.
I was pleased to see that the language on equal marriage is completely unequivocal “the Liberal Democrats are introducing equal marriage for lesbian and gay couples”. 
There’s a back page summary from Danny Alexander:

We’re delivering on the promises we made on the front page of our manifesto and we are making a positive difference to the lives of millions of people right across the country.

And we’re achieving all this with just 10% of MPs and in the most difficult of economic circumstances. Despite these challenges, we are on track to implement three quarters of our manifesto policies over the course of this parliament, and at this half way point there is already huge progress to report.

Thanks to Mark Pack, who understands technology more than I ever will and is generous enough to not mind us helping ourselves to his work as long as we credit him, I can let you look at the whole thing here. Enjoy.

 What Have the Lib Dems Done?

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1 Response to What have the Liberal Democrats ever done for you?

  1. Nothing at all bar showing how corrupt our so called parliament democracy is.


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