East Midlands chair slams Press Officer’s call for Clegg to go

East Midlands Press Officer Mathew Hulbert called for Nick Clegg to be replaced as leader in a BBC interview today. His view will be no surprise to anyone  who has ever read what he writes on Liberal Democrat Voice in the comments threads.]

However, East Midlands Regional Chair Tony Rogers was not, shall we say, best pleased with his colleague.  He told me:

“I am very disappointed to hear that the East Midlands Press Officer has made a statment attacking Nick Clegg. I hope Mathew made it clear that this was his own personal opinion and is not the view of the East Midlands region.

We Liberal Democrats are so pleased that out of the three party leaders, Nick Clegg is ours.”

Rogers added that he was very impressed with Tim Farron as President.

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10 Responses to East Midlands chair slams Press Officer’s call for Clegg to go

  1. Andrew says:

    So, one Lib Dem puts forward a personal opinion on the leadership, that a more senior official disagrees with.

    I'm also sure that Mathew (correct spelling of his name if his twitter profile is correct) is also “very impressed with Tim Farron as President”. In fact, I know he is. What's your point?


  2. You are right. It is Mathew. I'll edit.

    Even if he did it in a personal capacity, I don't think it's wise for a press officer to become the story. Of all jobs, they should show a bit of tact.


  3. Anonymous says:

    “We Liberal Democrats are so pleased that out of the three party leaders, Nick Clegg is ours.”

    Not the most rousing endorsement I've ever seen …


  4. Anonymous says:

    Caron, If you want to be in a political party where no one criticises the leader in public may I suggest you might be happier in the North Korean Communist Party.


  5. Paul Holmes says:

    Caron (and Tony) -stamping out dissent is not Liberal nor is it effective as it just pushes it underground or drives people out of the Party.

    We are not Labour/Cons where everyone is vetted for'unapproved content' before they can speak at Conference.


  6. Galen10 says:

    Doesn't it rather depend on the context? If it's his personal opinion, and he's at a party conference, surely he's more than entitled to voice his opinion?

    Or is your point that criticising the leadership is wrong for anyone holding any sort of position in the party?, and if so… I think you're probably gunning for a job as party whip in future huh?


  7. Allan Heron says:

    Have to say that it read's like the story is the rebuke from the East Midland chair than from the original comments. Had he kept his mouth shut, I doubt anyone would have thought more of it.

    On the premise you suggest, Caron, short of everyone appearing to be sycophants no critical commentary would be possible on the telly. I think most people watching are perfectly able to work out that what you hear is the personal view of the person being interviewed.


  8. Neil Mackinnon says:

    It is hard to understand how he is still in a job (Mathew not Nick).


  9. Matthew says:

    Dumping Nick Clegg won’t save the Lib Dems from the legacy of decades of false advertising


  10. Neil Mackinnon says:

    I would say to Galen and Allan that there is a difference between the comments of an elected office holder such as local party chair etc and those of a “press officer”. It is widely accepted in the media that the views of any press officer spoken in any context reflect the views of the organisation they represent. I strongly feel that this chap's position is now untenable.


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