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East Midlands chair slams Press Officer’s call for Clegg to go

East Midlands Press Officer Mathew Hulbert called for Nick Clegg to be replaced as leader in a BBC interview today. His view will be no surprise to anyone  who has ever read what he writes on Liberal Democrat Voice in … Continue reading

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The Grand Canyon of Scottish politics…..

That gap between what the SNP says and what the SNP does gets wider all the time. Remember how they’ve spent years slagging successive Westminster Governments for doing business with ATOS and G4S? Well, now they’ve awarded G4S £13 million … Continue reading

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No, Scotsman headline writer, that’s not what Tim Farron said

Lib Dem President Tim Farron believes party should avoid coalition deal in 2015 So screamed a headline in today’s Scotsman. But if you read what Tim actually said, it doesn’t quite stack up to the headline. I always thought ‘confidence … Continue reading

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For heaven’s sake, this is about violence against women and children, not breakfast foods, BBC!

The BBC should be ashamed of itself: Headline 1: Perth man in court for alarming tomato sauce incident Headline 2: Perth man in court over thrown black pudding incident You would think, wouldn’t you, that the Fair City has somehow … Continue reading

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The case to allow medically assisted dying

There is nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer, knowing that there is not a single thing you can do to alleviate their pain. If you know that their pain or distress is part of the process of dying, … Continue reading

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Caron’s (updated) guide to the craziness of Conference

Cross-posted from Liberal Democrat Voice Last year was the first time I’d been to a Federal Conference in 13 years. I thoroughly enjoyed every exhausting moment. Conference is the best fun you will ever have, but if you’re new, it … Continue reading

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Let’s get Nick to Number One

After Nick Clegg’s apology last night, some creative souls thought it would be a good idea to run it through autotune and release a spoof version.  After the spoof delighted You Tube viewers and social networking sites, its creators, satirical … Continue reading

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Do you think the rich should pay their fair share of tax?

It’s probably a bit of a no brainer. Most people, except the rich, think it’s perfectly reasonable to ask those who have vast stocks of wealth to pay their fair share in tax. At a time when most people on … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg: We made a pledge, we didn’t stick to it and for that I’m sorry

Two things from the last few days: And, courtesy of Mark Pack What Have the Lib Dems Done? The heartfelt apology I’ve wanted to hear from Nick for a very long time. He needed to say it and, as apologies … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg warns against arming the police after Manchester shootings

In the wake of the  murders of police officers Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes in Manchester yesterday, the issue of whether police should be armed is being raised by journalists. The Scotsman reports Nick Clegg’s comments when asked about this today. … Continue reading

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