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Happy Rennieversary to Willie and Janet

Exactly 4 weeks ago, we all saw Barack Obama mention his 20th wedding anniversary as he started the first presidential debate. I will eat my own iPhone if Willie Rennie does similar in Holyrood this afternoon, but the occasion should … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie "coolly impressive"….as SNP reject openness in the independence debate

Willie Rennie “coolly impressive”…..says journalist Euan McColm, who is not known for dishing out praise without good reason. He was speaking after Willie’s contribution in the Scottish Parliament debate on the events of last week, when it emerged that the … Continue reading


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In full: Jo Swinson’s speech to Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference

Jo Swinson gave her first speech to Scottish Conference as a Minister. Her remarks were similar to the speech she gave at Federal Conference last month – but that didn’t matter because there many people in Dunfermline on Saturday hadn’t … Continue reading

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In full: Michael Moore’s speech in full to Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference

Good speech from Mike on Saturday – a bit more fire towards the SNP than we normally get from him, which I liked. Also lots of positive reasons to stay in the Union and a “watch out, the Electoral Commission’s … Continue reading

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Why we are better together #indyref

These lovely people at Better Together have put together a video of young people from across Scotland talking about why they think Scotland should stay as part of the UK. Like they say, nobody’s saying we couldn’t manage on our own, … Continue reading

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Praise for Willie Rennie in the Herald of all places

It’s not, shall we say, anything like usual for the Herald to say anything nice about Liberal Democrats. Sometimes I wonder if they have a special container of bile that they dip their keyboards in before they write about us. … Continue reading

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Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference according to Twitter

I’ve done a quick Storify of tweets from Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference – it has lots of pictures and lots of points of view of the day. There’s tweets from the keynote speeches, the fringe and the general atmosphere. Oh, … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie’s speech in full to Lib Dem Conference – from Dalai Lama to Rev IM Jolly to nursery for 2 year olds to home rule

In full, Willie Rennie’s leader’s speech to Scottish Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Dunfermline, 27 October 2012: You know I’m going to start by talking about ‘strong liberal voices’. It says it right here. It says it on the wall … Continue reading

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Upbeat Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference braves nationalist abuse

Friday night was not good. I sat down to watch a little television and all of a sudden felt very ill. Seriously, I couldn’t even drink a glass of wine. I wondered how on earth I was going to cope … Continue reading

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 – Hollywood week

We were in London so I didn’t get the chance to watch Strictly live last Saturday. In fact, I even managed not to find out who had gone out until I had watched the results show on Wednesday. For once … Continue reading

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