We will remember them….

Late last night I read something on Facebook, written by a friend, which brought home the realities of war. I can’t share it here, because it’s not my story to tell, but it was both moving and inspiring. Many of  you will know what I’m talking about, though. Armed combat is unimaginably brutal and horrific and nobody who takes part in it is unaffected.

I can only imagine the pain of watching someone I love set off for war, not knowing whether I would ever see them again, yet nearly everybody did in the world wars. Most of us really don’t know we’re born these days. Think of what it must be like if your sibling, spouse or parent were in Iraq or Afghanistan. How would you go through your daily life wondering if the next knock on the door would be bad news? And if it were, how would you cope?

It’s important that we set aside time today to honour those who have died in war – and those who have lived through them and suffered physical or mental consequences as a result and the families who love them.

It doesn’t matter whether you approve or disapprove of armed conflict in general or any particular war. Servicemen don’t have a say in where they are sent. They just have to get out there and do their jobs. We owe them our gratitude and our understanding.

The Royal British Legion does so much to support veterans and their families and it’s important to support their work. You can donate £10 by texting 70800 and here are some other ways to help them.

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