Xmas books for kids is back – please give generously

Last year, the amazing Burd led a project which raised over £3300 to buy books for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have them at Christmas.

And she’s back this year.

I’m sure she won’t mind me copying her words shamelessly:

Last year, together, we bought books for Christmas for 380 vulnerable children and young people in Scotland.  We did this because you helped me raise over £3,300.  All of that is worthy of a very big wow.  And a huge thank you.
So this year, I thought we’d try to do it all again.
Because sadly, there are still children growing up in Scotland without a book of their own.  For some, it’s because their parents are too poor to afford books.  For others, it’s because they leave violent or unsafe homes, often with only what they can carry, and precious things like books get left behind.  Whatever the reason, CHILDREN 1ST – the charity I work for – supports children who have yet to discover the joy of reading – and reading well – and the difference it can make to their lives and their life chances.
This is something CHILDREN 1ST understands well.  We work to support vulnerable families, often from a child’s earliest years, so that their children enjoy happy and healthy, safe and secure childhoods.  Encouraging parents to read with their children, nurturing strong bonds, is part of what we do.  Our counsellors also support sexually and physically abused children to recover from their trauma through play, writing, art and story telling.
And that is how powerful books are.  Helping to heal.  Opening up new worlds and possibilities.  Providing escape and adventure.  And most importantly of all, fun.
I know you know this because you love books and books have helped take you to where you are in life.  Close your eyes and imagine if you had never owned a book, what your life might be like today.  Impossible isn’t it?  Which is why I know you will help the Books for Kids for Christmas appeal again this year.
You can give – here, right now.  Donate £10, gift aid it and half of your donation plus the gift aid goes directly to buying a book for a vulnerable child, with the rest going to CHILDREN 1ST to help towards the costs of supporting vulnerable children and families.
But you can also spread the word by telling, emailing, tweeting, sharing and blogging.  Email me at burdzeyeview@hotmail.co.ukif you’d like to discuss what and how.
The target is the same as last year – £3000 which will allow us to buy books for 300 children. 
Already, we’re nearly half way there, thanks to an amazingly generous donation from the David Cairns Foundation of £1000.  I’ve been saving my pennies too and have put £200 into the pot.  
And we’re starting earlier to give Santa plenty of time to make his deliveries and hopefully, reaching our target and finishing earlier too on 2 December – the end of Book Week Scotland which provides a fitting finale.
I know times are even tougher for folk this year, but if we all give a little, we can achieve a lot.  And by buying books for vulnerable children for Christmas, we can give them a better start in life and help them to build a brighter future for themselves.
Thanks for your support.
PS You can keep up to date with the appeal by visitingwww.booksforkidsforchristmas.tumblr.com – please do drop by! 
And if you’d rather not give online, you can send a cheque payable to CHILDREN 1ST to Kate Higgins, CHILDREN 1ST, 83 Whitehouse Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 1AT
I’d like you to do three things, please:
1. Give whatever you can to this very worthwhile cause here
2. Tell everyone you know, whether in person or on the internet about it and ask them to give too.
3. Put in the comments what your favourite books were when you were a child.
Next week is National Book Week and it would be great if we could help Kate exceed the target before then. Let’s get to it.

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