£600 tax cut for ordinary workers

This is something we can be very proud of. Yes, there are legitimate concerns about some of the rest of the Autumn Statement, but this is the good bit. It is a big Lib Dem win. If you haven’t yet signed up to the Liberal Democrats Fairer Tax campaign, you can do so here.


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Scottish Lib Dem pro UK activist, mum, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger.
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3 Responses to £600 tax cut for ordinary workers

  1. I'm an ordinary worker who would rather give up a £600 tax cut in order to eliminate the squeeze (ie lowering) of benefits.

    I don't regard it as good news at all. Nor as something the Liberal Democrats should be proud of.


  2. Kelvin Holdsworth, you, ordinary? I think not! Don't be silly.

    I think there was a way of finding a better balance. I'd rather have seen the money go to an index linked benefit rise.


  3. Well, perhaps more ordinaire than ordinary.


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