Merry Christmas, everyone!

So, I’ve been up for two hours getting intimate with the poultry and phase one of Operation Christmas Dinner has been successfully completed. Anna and Bob are still in bed, so I have resorted to playing Christmas music (currently Last Christmas by Wham) loudly in the hope that it will get them down here.

I love that special, quiet time in the kitchen on Christmas morning. I always think of my lovely Grandma Marion Lindsay as I make her stuffing. She was fabulous – funny, extrovert and one of the best influences on my life. Her stuffing is very simple – sausagemeat, onion and 5 teaspoons of Colman’s English Mustard. I know I could, maybe should, have expanded my repertoire over the years, but a Christmas Dinner without Grandma’s stuffing would be unthinkable. It’s actually delicious and moist and not as overwhelming as it sounds.

The giblet stock is bubbling on the hob, the bread sauce milk infusing and the turkey has been placed in the oven following Delia’s instructions to the letter. I’m feeling mellow and smiley, but needing some company. If the music doesn’t work, I might try poking them with a stick when I finish this cup of tea.

Santa has been, the reindeer have eaten the food that Anna’s prepared for them, so all we need is some people for the present opening, chilling out, dining and, of course, Doctor Who and Strictly watching.

If, by the way, you missed the Outnumbered Christmas special last night, make sure you catch it on iPlayer at some point. It’s pure genius. Full of comedy awkwardness, if not enough Karen. We were all in hysterics by the end of it.

Whatever you are doing today, I wish you peace, health and happiness.


About caronlindsay

Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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