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Doctor Who 30 day fandom challenge – Day 29: Favourite guest star

Realistically, there can only be one answer to this. It really has to be Bernard Cribbins, who played the part of Wilfred Mott perfectly. He was funny, brilliant and who can forget the poignant way in which he sympathised with … Continue reading

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Doctor Who 30 day fandom challenge – Day 28: Favourite gif

You know, I really don’t do this gif stuff. Maybe it’s because I am forbidden from inhabiting the crazy world of Tumblr which Anna sees as her domain and does not want to run into her mother on it. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg finds his way into Popbitch

You might not be surprised to find that I, with my trashy underbelly, subscribe to the salacious Popbitch email, but there’s someone significantly classier on the Liberal Democrat Voice team who takes it as well. Well, we don’t want to … Continue reading

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A disturbing experience….

As I left Wahaca, warm and replete the other night, I stopped to Foursquare in (you can’t inside as it’s in the basement). I heard  voice behind me asking if those were avocados in the window. I turned to see … Continue reading

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So, about that fall in university applications from people from deprived areas…

You know Stephen Tall. He finds out a bit of information, he sticks it on a graph and here you go: And then I nick it because I just can’t handle artwork. I hope he doesn’t mind. What these figures … Continue reading

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Wahaca – smile inducing Mexican street food

Last week I read a mouthwatering review of the Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca over on Katy Riddle’s Feel-good Foodbook blog. Her photos and write-up looked so enticing and as I had to go to London for FE on Monday, … Continue reading

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Call Clegg 31 January: The return of #iagreewithnick

Nick Clegg’s fourth Call Clegg phone-in on LBC has just finished. It’s the first time I’ve been able to listen to all the way through. He took a huge range of questions, from David Ward’s comments, which he handled sensitively, … Continue reading


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A sneak peek at a Scottish Lib Dem conference agenda full of controversy

The Agenda for this year’s Scottish Conference will be sent to members tomorrow but I’ve had a bit of a sneak peek. I’d better not give you the full list of timings and the like because Scottish Conference Convener Sheila … Continue reading

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Do you agree that the SNP should do what the Electoral Commission says?

See what I did there? That headline is a bit of a leading question. It certainly isn’t, in my view at least, neutral. It invites the reader  to answer “Yes.” Had I said “Should the SNP do what the Electoral … Continue reading

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Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge – Day 27: Favourite interview

I could waste hours on You Tube trying to answer this one. Here’s a selection of good stuff. Tom Baker on Richard and Judy talking about Who, God and the pretty destructive relationship between his parents – when his autobiography … Continue reading

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