UPDATED: There are some Lib Dem internal elections this month – do you fancy standing?

Later this month, the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive, which I am now officially on, will choose a number of party positions. These include:

The Chair and five members of the Federal Finance and Administration Committee – this is the Committee that does the budget and supervises the organisation of HQ and makes sure we comply with health and safety, PPERA, employment law, that kind of thing.

Chair of the International Relations Comittee

Representatives on ELDR and Liberal International

Members of the Diversity Engagement Panel.

Also up for grabs, I think, will be posts like the Chair of the Campaigns and Communications Committee and Party Treasurer. These are the posts that are alluded to in the advertisement in Ad Lib but not directly mentioned. If there are any others that I haven’t mentioned, maybe more experienced hands would add them in the comments.

Now, you don’t need to be a member of FE to stand for any of these positions. They are open to any member of the Party, but if you want to stand, you need to be proposed by two voting members of the incoming our outgoing Federal Executive by the deadline of 5pm on 18th January along with artwork. David Allworthy is the Returning Officer and he can be contacted on returning.officer@libdems.org.uk.

The advert in Ad Lib directs you to the members’ section of the Party website. This needs a bit of a Spring clean, but, as always, too few people are doing too many jobs in LDHQ. The information you need about all of the positions up for grabs is there, but you have to hunt for it and I can’t find any advertisement about these elections at all. Go and have a look anyway.

So, if you feel that you want to go for any of these positions, you know what to do….

UPDATE: As if by magic – well, no, it’s not by magic, it’s sheer hard work by the lovely Rachael Clarke, the members’ section of the website now has all the details about these elections, including all the posts up for grabs, right here.

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1 Response to UPDATED: There are some Lib Dem internal elections this month – do you fancy standing?

  1. I can't find the details on the internal party web site, or on the LDV members-only forums. Do you have a link?



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