Call Clegg 31 January: The return of #iagreewithnick

Nick Clegg’s fourth Call Clegg phone-in on LBC has just finished. It’s the first time I’ve been able to listen to all the way through. He took a huge range of questions, from David Ward’s comments, which he handled sensitively, to marriage tax breaks to youth unemployment, to childcare, to whether he wanted to be PM and Lib Dem leader after the General Election (and he definitely did) to what he thought about MPs’ pay. On that latter question, I was glad to hear him say, as I have always done, that MPs work very hard before he added that they needed to stay in keeping with what their constituents are getting in terms of pay rises.

What I like about him is his totally down to earth manner. When someone said that “I agree with Nick” he said “I haven’t heard that for a while.” He sounds like a normal human being, very natural. He had lots of empathy for the person who talked about Lewisham Hospital and managed to get across the complexity and difficulty of the decisions that have to be made in Government.

Anyway, here are my tweets from the occasion.

[View the story “Call Clegg 31 January: I want to be Prime Minister” on Storify]


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