Call Clegg: The one where Boris agreed with Nick

Yes, you couldn’t make it up. “Boris from Islington” put a recorded question to Nick Clegg on his LBC phone-in this morning. Apparently the London Mayor will be in the hotseat next week during the recess.

Anyway, this was also the one where Clegg outlined his 3 proudest achievements – cutting taxes for the lowest paid and making the tax system fairer, giving extra money to disadvantaged kids in school, son idea he first wrote about a decade ago and Steve Webb’s pensions triple lock, guaranteeing a decent state pension increase.

He also summed up a huge difference between us and the Conservatives thus:

Liberal Democrats are in favour of a fair tax system. Conservatives are not. 

Anyway, here are the tweets of the occasion.

[View the story “Call Clegg 7 February – the one where Boris agreed with Nick” on Storify]


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