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Nick Clegg’s speech on immigration: the good, the bad and the ugly

The much-missed Conrad Russell said you should read something three times before you pass comment on it. I’ve done that with today’s speech on immigration by Nick Clegg. I’ve also had several cups of tea and am frantically hunting for some … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Day of Destiny clashes with Liberal Democrat Conference

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond announced today that the Independence Referendum would be held on 18th September 2014.  Three and a half years of preparation and campaigning will come to an end and Scotland will decide whether its future lies within the … Continue reading

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Time to throw an anvil at secret courts

Next Tuesday, which is both my nephew’s 14th birthday and the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the SDP, the Justice and Security Bill comes back to the House of Lords for consideration. Now, my esteemed colleague Mr Valladares has given … Continue reading

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The joy of Twitter on its 7th birthday

So, it’s 7 years today since the first Tweet was sent. Coincidentally, earlier this week, this happened to me: A kind of super diamond jubilee. I was quite pleased with myself but was soon brought back down to earth by … Continue reading

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Why it’s worth being a member of the Liberal Democrats

Today, the Liberal Democrats fulfilled their key election pledge of raising the income tax threshold to £10,000. And they’ve produced a nifty little picture to tell us about it. And we should rightly be proud. This doesn’t tell the whole … Continue reading

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Secret Courts fight to continue at Scottish Conference

Last Sunday, I spoke in the debate against secret courts at Federal Conference in Brighton. This Friday, I’ll be proposing a motion against this highly illiberal and unfair measure at Scottish Conference in Dundee. I am not going to post … Continue reading

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Lynne Featherstone’s message for International Women’s Day #IWD

 DFID Minister Lynne Featherstone has been in New York this week at the UN working with other countries to tackle violence against women. There’s a nifty map which shows exactly where our money is helping women across the world. This … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Baby Ethan’s arrival…

At some point in the next couple of weeks, my new nephew, Baby Ethan, will be born. We already have a little idea what he looks like from one of these full colour 4D scans. He is the spitting image … Continue reading

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What do the Liberal Democrats stand for? #libdemvalues

The amazing Alex from Love and Liberty has challenged us all to come up with a statement of what the Liberal Democrats stand for and has tagged me. Thing is, as ever, his version is so good that I feel … Continue reading

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I’m in the Daily Mail……

….. but for the right reasons. Along with a former MP, a lord and MEP, a fair chunk of the Liberal Democrat Voice team and 4 fellow members of the Federal Executive, I am a signatory to a letter from … Continue reading

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