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Eep! A full mosque. Let’s all panic

There’s a wee thing going round Facebook at the moment saying “Should I read the Daily Mail?” And when you click on it, a huge NO appears on your screen. My life would be a lot better without the Fail … Continue reading

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Jim Hume MSP launches consultation on measure to ban smoking in vehicles with children present

Liberal Democrat MSP for the South of Scotland Jim Hume this week launched a consultation on his Members’ Bill which would see smoking banned in vehicles where children are present. When I initially flagged this up on Liberal Democrat Voice a few weeks … Continue reading


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Is it time for retailers to lose the lads’ mags?

Every time you go into a supermarket or newsagent to buy a magazine, you are likely to be confronted with the following: A women’s section, which contains magazines on, mainly, celebrity froth, sewing, cooking and child-rearing; Everything remotely interesting,like current … Continue reading

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Report on internet pornography highlights need for education, not restriction

One of my biggest concerns in recent years has been the effect of access to easily available internet pornography on the next generation of young people. Every time I ask an expert in the field to reassure me and tell … Continue reading

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Woolwich murder: there are some things we just don’t need to know

The violent death of anyone is an enormous tragedy. Yesterday’s horrible events in Woolwich were clearly motivated by prejudice and hate. Last October, Anna, Bob and I spent a very wet and cold Saturday evening at a hate crimes vigil … Continue reading

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Rennie calls for review after Humza’s howler

The Scottish Government has a Minister for External Affairs, whose job it is to represent the Scottish Government on the international stage. This role is currently undertaken by SNP rising star Humza Yousaf. Humza has spent this week in Doha … Continue reading

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A 13 year old writes about same sex marriage – MPs take note #samesexmarriage

Yesterday Anna told me she’d received full marks for a school essay on same sex marriage. She had been told to write a persuasive essay on any subject of her choice, so she wrote about something she feels really strongly … Continue reading

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My open letter to Liberal Democrat MPs on same sex marriage – it’s not about you, it’s about fairness and equality

This is what I’ve spent the morning drafting and sending to Liberal Democrat MPs on the same sex marriage bill. I’ve sent it to everyone unless I know for sure that they are wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supporting the Bill and … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie: highlights of his first two years as Scottish Liberal Democrat leader

It’s two years today since Willie Rennie was elected Scottish Liberal Democrat leader. It’s sunny today, as it was then. I remarked at the time that 17th May was the first day it hadn’t rained since the SNP had won … Continue reading

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EDMwatch #1: animals, Sir Alex, Diabetes and VAT on tabloids

I thought it might be a good idea to introduce a new feature for the start of the shiny new parliamentary session – a regular look at the Early Day Motions tabled by MPs. These are basically House of Commons … Continue reading

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