We know the Daily Mail gets politics wrong all the time – but you’d think Strictly would be simple enough for them to understand

The Daily Fail website recycles a Total Politics interview with Nadine Dorries in which she’s as predictable as ever. I particularly like the way she describes, in the original interview, the Liberal Democrats as “more left wing than Labour” and then says Cameron is a social liberal just like us. I think the SwivelEyedometer just exploded.

We shouldn’t really be taking lessons from someone who doesn’t think Trident is a weapon of mass destruction. 

Anyway, it’s not her particular brand of politics I want to highlight but the Daily Mail’s inability to get even the most basic of facts right.

Nadine, apparently, wants to to Strictly Come Dancing. It’s not a prospect I relish, to be honest, but it wouldn’t stop me watching the show. The Fail had this to say about Vince Cable’s appearance on the show and why he couldn’t do a full series:

Business Secretary Vince Cable took part in a Christmas special of the show in December 2010 when he partnered with ballroom professional Erin Boag.

But rules on impartiality meant he could not take part in the full Strictly series.

No, that’s not why Vince can’t do the full series. It’s because he already has stacks of qualifications in ballroom dancing so he wouldn’t be learning from scratch. Being that experienced is fine in a Christmas special, because he was up against previous competitors, but it would give him too much of an advantage in the series proper. 

If I had my choice of which Liberal Democrat I’d put in, it would be Jo Swinson. She would actually be a serious contender because she has the physical stamina from all her running and a sense of rhythm too. 

Back to Vince, though. If we can’t have him in the whole series, we at least have this memory of his beautiful foxtrot with Erin Boag to keep us going.

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Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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