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Well, of course Mark Darcy had to die…

In between working on Susan Leslie’s campaign for  the Dunfermline by-election campaign, I have spent the day in mourning. And if you tell me that you can’t mourn the death of a fictional character, I will simply respond that you … Continue reading

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Grumps and the Wicked Witch are back in business

Susan Leslie’s campaign in the Dunfermline by-election is off to a flying start. I’m sitting in the office in the town centre working on emails and phone calls and sending people out with leaflets and canvass cards. It’s quite emotional … Continue reading


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Actually, ASDA, apologising for that "mental patient" Hallowe’en costume is not enough

So, ASDA thought it was a good idea to put up a gruesome Hallowe’en outfit and bill it as a “mental patient’s” outfit. Gee, thanks. That sort of stereotype of people with mental health problems is why I lost my … Continue reading

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Two Labour VAT policies in two years. What’ll it be next year?

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Go home poster vans still up in Glasgow despite the best efforts of Liberal Democrats

We know that Liberal Democrats within the Government have said that there will be no repetition of the Go Home poster vans which were sent to drive round certain boroughs in London. We also know that there will be no … Continue reading

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No new nukes #ldconf

This morning Conference debates defence, including the future of our nuclear deterrent. The main motion incorporates the idea of ending continuous at sea deterrence. There is an amendment calling for no renewal of a nuclear deterrent at all. It should … Continue reading

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The #talknottech campaign is go! F17 must be referred back or defeated #ldconf

This will be quick – I need to catch a train in 20 minutes and I’m still at kitchen table with towel round my head. Remember how I told you about how Federal Conference Committee had bizarrely rejected a very … Continue reading

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Laura: 21 moments for 21 fabulous years

I love my wonderful niece Laura. 21 years ago today, she appeared on the scene 6 weeks earlier than expected, in the middle of a Liberal Democrat Conference. So I have to nip home this evening from a Liberal Democrat … Continue reading

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Party in a pickle over porn. What were the Federal Conference Committee thinking? #talknottech #ldconf

I was pleased that the party was going to be discussing online pornography, its effect on children and what to do about it at its conference. Here was the chance to get some sensible, evidence based policy made on a … Continue reading

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It’s time for the Liberal Democrats in Government to call for the abolition of the "Bedroom Tax"

Point 1. If anybody says I should call it the “spare room subsidy”, that argument was lost months back. Point 2. An international housing expert representing not just any international organisation, but the UN, for goodness sake, has recommended that … Continue reading

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