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Bill Walker must go: how you can have your say

Willie Rennie has written to Bill Walker, the MSP for Dunfermline who was convicted of 23 instances of assault against 3 ex wives and a stepdaughter over a 28 year period to ask him to resign his seat in the … Continue reading

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In Full: Nick Clegg’s speech to CBI Scotland

Like it says on the tin: After the toughest global economic conditions in living memory, the UK economy is starting to turn a corner. And the signs of recovery are encouraging. Growth has doubled in the last quarter. Across the … Continue reading

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Carmichael: Salmond remarks ludicrous and offensive

I said yesterday that I wanted a Liberal Democrat to come out and passionately call Alex Salmond out for suggesting that the case against independence was the case against Scotland. To recap, this is what he said in a Scotland … Continue reading

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No, Alex Salmond, the case against independence is not the case "against Scotland"

By 10:30 pm last night, I thought the most shocking thing I was going to hear that evening was that the Blessed Mary Berry uses tinned, yes, that’s tinned,  peaches and pears in her trifle recipe. Sadly this was not … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie talks about domestic abuse and Bill Walker, Yes Scotland supporter tweets he has a "face you just want to hit with a shovel"

Willie Rennie went on Channel 4 News to talk about why he wants to see convicted violent abuser Bill Walker MSP (TM Better Nation) out of the Parliament. He talked about how he wanted to see a recall law to … Continue reading

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How Hannah spent her birthday – the Bill Walker protest in pictures.

Hannah Bettsworth is a fabulous Liberal Youth Scotland member. She’s the president of Edinburgh University Liberal Democrats and today is her 19th birthday. And where was she in the glorious sunshine? Outside Holyrood protesting against Bill Walker, the convicted violent … Continue reading

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Scotland Tonight team member calls me a troll after I complain about all male programme

Update: Shortly after I posted this, I went out for the day and have just returned. I am pleased to say that Peter has contacted me and made a genuine and sincere apology which is to his credit. He says … Continue reading

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