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Why this Go Sober malarkey, behind the fun and banter and rivalry, actually matters

A long time ago. It’s Christmas morning, but nobody’s celebrating. The household is pretty frantic because one of its number, as her life nears its end, is really distressed. A phone call. A short time passes and two Macmillan Cancer … Continue reading

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Lib Dem Federal Executive report – 28 October 2013

Last night’s Federal Executive meeting was a little strange. It must have been even stranger for Tim Farron who had to chair a meeting of 30 or so people when some were in the room, some were on the phone … Continue reading

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Dear Daily Mail, if a man is left in charge of his own child, he is parenting, not babysitting

One of my most re-tweeted comments ever. Must have struck a nerve. Or maybe Mitch Benn retweeting it helped: Daily Fail say Kate left William to babysit. Why is there this idea that men looking after their own child is … Continue reading

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Back to the ’70s – both sides at Grangemouth need to grow up and get real

Men shouting at each other, not trying to find any common ground, each escalating the disagreement with every utterance. That’s how it is with the Grangemouth dispute and both sides are, from what I can see, as bad as each … Continue reading

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My Today programme debut talking about Jo Swinson and saying we should all look out for each other.

At 8:20 this morning I made my first ever foray into the world of the Today programme, talking about something that should never really have been a story – the fuss over Jo Swinson’s lack of a seat at Prime … Continue reading

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Carmichael welcomes UK Government’s tax cut for 70,000 Scottish businesses

Today the UK Government unveils its National Insurance Contributions Bill which will give a £2000 a year tax cut to around 70,000 Scottish businesses and will take 35,000 out of paying Employers’ NICs altogether. This picture from the Treasury explains … Continue reading

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Sexual risk orders: something liberals should be worried about?

Over the next two days, the Commons will complete its debates on the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill. Liberty have already expressed concern about some of the measures within it: The Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill proposes to replace existing … Continue reading

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