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Business makes prudent and reasonable comments about #indyref. Cybernats plaster their social media with outrage

There has been a bit of a furore over Standard Life’s pretty mild and prudent statements about the preparations it is taking ahead of the referendum on independence. Both sides have done what they do best and highlighted certain aspects … Continue reading

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Please, Scotland Tonight, don’t put us through this Debate Hell again. #indyref #scotnight

I have now given 4 hours of my life to watching the Scotland Tonight referendum debates. And probably twice that moaning about how useless they are. Mike Moore, Anas Sarwar, Alistair Carmichael and Johann Lamont have all now come up … Continue reading

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Nationalist outrage as Labour’s Lamont says “We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions..” But they miss out the important bit. #scotnight #indyref

Social media has come alive with nationalists expressing outrage at a comment made by Johann Lamont in last night’s Scotland Tonight Referendum debate. The first of these debates got 190,000 viewers in May last year so if we assume the … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats should have no issue with supporting Harriet Harman today

The first time I ever became aware of Harriet Harman was when she won the Peckham by-election in 1982. It was the first time I’d been aware of anyone young, female and pregnant getting anywhere near the House of Commons … Continue reading

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Clash of the Cabinets: A wasted opportunity

I’m feeling a bit disgruntled today. My two governments are in the news. The Scottish and UK Cabinets have set up rival camps, glowering at each other with the City of Aberdeen providing an unwitting No Man’s Land. How very … Continue reading

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Shirley Williams: “A separate Scotland would be a diminished Scotland leaving behind a diminished United Kingdom”

Last night, Shirley Williams spoke at the East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrats’ Annual Dinner. Someone has slipped us a copy of her speech. She joins David Bowie in calling for Scotland to stay within the UK but had a little more … Continue reading

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My first foray into student debating

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I had an email from the President of the St Andrew’s University Debating Society inviting me to take part in their annual Parliamentary Debate on the subject “This House has no faith in Her … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander speaks out over use of police horses in Inverness

As a native of the peaceable Highland capital, I was quite shocked to see the words “police horses” and “Inverness” in the same sentence. Why on earth would there be any need to employ such an expensive resource, normally associated … Continue reading


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Two things about #indyref that haven’t made me want to punch a pillow or hide under the duvet

It’s not been a great week in the Scottish independence referendum. The Codswallop Quotient has gone through the roof since word got out last Tuesday night about George Osborne’s plan to rule out a currency union with an independent Scotland. … Continue reading

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Times reports Lib Dem “infighting” but misses out David Laws’ dismissal of their “highly misleading” story

Yesterday, the Times reported that the Liberal Democrat leadership were preparing to ditch policies from our manifesto which wouldn’t get agreement from either the Conservative or Labour parties. I wrote of the dangers of such a move, arguing that our manifesto needed … Continue reading

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