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Carmichael: We should be proud of what we are achieving in the UK, not talking about leaving

In a week where I’ve despaired a bit of the pro-UK campaign, it’s good to see Alistair Carmichael come out brimming with pride at what we have and what we’ve built together in the UK. In a speech at Edinburgh … Continue reading

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Call Clegg: Nick condemns morning after pill critics as misogynist, medieval and insulting to women

I do love it when Nick gets all cross about things. He’s always been pretty open about his views but at times can come across almost too careful. Those occasions when he just lets rip are so good. This morning, … Continue reading

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Do you have a question for Willie Rennie?

Willie Rennie is doing a live web chat with the BBC’s Brian Taylor on Friday morning at 9:30 am, ahead of our Scottish Conference in Aberdeen. The BBC invites questions for him: As part of BBC Scotland’s coverage, Scottish Lib … Continue reading

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Vince Cable: The Tom Baker of shadow chancellorship

I’m sure nobody ever discusses my Liberal Democrat Voice co-editor Stephen Tall and I down the pub, but if you did, you would reckon that if we were choosing who we thought should be Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor for the … Continue reading

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Should prisoners have access to books?

The bees are buzzing around my bonnet today. Earlier I had a bit of a go at Danny Alexander for falling in with the Better Together dourness in the Scottish Referendum campaign. Now, I have Chris Grayling in my sights. … Continue reading

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Danny, please listen to Charles Kennedy before you write about the independence referendum again.

Danny Alexander’s article on the Independence Referendum in yesterday’s Sunday Times (£) was, for me, a frustrating read. If I’m honest, it was actually like nails being dragged down a blackboard.  Full of language like damaging, devastating and divorce, t is absolutely not … Continue reading

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Liberals must stand up against hate crime and prejudice. If we don’t, we condone it.

Over the last couple of weeks, several events have proved, as if we needed it to be proved, that hate speech and prejudice is alive and well in 21st century Britain. Last week, Pink News reported  a disturbing, angry and hate-filled transphobic … Continue reading

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