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Danny Alexander and Alistair Carmichael go #indyref myth busting

Both Danny Alexander and Alistair Carmichael have tried their hand at taking on some of the pro-independnece supporters’ claims about the consequences of independence today with varying degrees of success. Before I start, I usually try to refer to SNP … Continue reading


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SNP try to airbrush the trouble out of paradise – but they can’t argue with the evidence

Since last night’s post in which I brought you news that SNP MEP Alyn Smith had said at a Law Society hustings that the SNP leadership should admit it made a mistake (against his advice) by saying that an independent … Continue reading

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Trouble in paradise…SNP MEP says leadership should admit they made a mistake over independent Scotland’s EU membership

So we’ve had the first real sign of jitters within the SNP ranks tonight. Up until now, they’ve been as tight as anything, united against everyone else as they pursue their lifelong goals. In fact, I suspect there might have … Continue reading

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Is the SNP’s latest European Election Broadcast even legal? #indyref

Last week, the SNP’s first broadcast for the European Elections was broadcast. It bore a remarkable similarity to the broadcasts that they have been putting out since the end of last year which were all aimed at persuading people to vote Yes … Continue reading

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Menzies Campbell and Amnesty Scotland condemn Salmond’s Putin remarks

You would think that politicians would have more sense than to express any sort of admiration for Vladimir Putin. Alex Salmond has followed in the footsteps of Nigel Farage. He told Alistair Campbell for GQ: Obviously, I don’t approve of a … Continue reading

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Continuing the conversation with Jeremy Browne

It’s fair to say that Jeremy Browne’s book Race Plan has caused a fair bit of controversy in amongst Liberal Democrats in recent weeks. Liberal Democrat Voice has covered it extensively with reviews by both Nick Thornsby and Stephen Tall … Continue reading

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Indiscriminate and insensitive use of benefit sanctions needs to be tackled by Liberal Democrat ministers

This article first appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice. I came across this article about some of the circumstances which had led to sanctions being imposed on benefit claimants. Everything in the article is sourced, but I also take it seriously because it … Continue reading

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Alistair Carmichael as you have probably never seen him before…

Do you know what, this independence referendum is actually starting to have some nice moments.  I would never have thought it. Sadly, few of them are to do with the actual substance of the campaign, but there’s always hope. One … Continue reading

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My take on Nick v Nigel Round 2

Stephen Tall has given his view on last night’s Debate over at Liberal Democrat Voice I broadly agree with Stephen. Let me get two things that annoy the hell out of me off my chest first, though. Nigel Farage was … Continue reading

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My very favourite April Fool

It wasn’t the Mini Cooper that runs on tea, or the marmite doughnuts (yuck), the wonderful corkscrew construction that would have ease you in to driving on the right in an independent Scotland. Nor was it the idea of having … Continue reading

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