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On the radio talking Clegg, what the Lib Dems offer Scotland and “Clear Desk Kenny”

I meant to put this up yesterday, but I ran out of time. My teenager, fed up of her mum being welded to a keyboard or a phone for the last few weeks, put her foot down and insisted that … Continue reading

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That’s one way to wake up in the morning…”Can you come on the Today Programme in 5 minutes”

This morning I was in bed at that stage when you start to get that vague inclination that there is a world beyond the cosy warmth and snuggliness of the duvet but can still pretend it isn’t really happening. When … Continue reading

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What’s the point in voting today? #EP2014

Only about a third of people normally vote in European and Council elections. If you are one of the two thirds who hasn’t made their way to the polling station yet, please read on. This stuff actually matters. Your MEPs … Continue reading

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Alexander and McInnes challenge SNP on use of armed police in Scotland

I’ve written several times recently about how policing has changed in Scotland since Scotland’s eight police forces were merged into one.  Concerns have been expressed on a number of issues: The former Stratchclyde’s policies being rolled out nationwide with local … Continue reading


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Revenge porn: A modern, legal form of abuse

This article first appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice Imagine you’re in a loving relationship with someone. In the context of that relationship, you allowed some personal, intimate photographs to be taken that were only for your private enjoyment. Then you … Continue reading

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Bunny wars

Of all weeks, this is a week when we didn’t need any extra stress. We have a child who needs calmness and routine at the best of times These things are most important when she has a whole load of … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander speaks out against use of armed and mounted Police in Inverness

In February, I reported that Danny Alexander had spoken out about the use of Police horses in his Highland constituency. As a native of Inverness I shared his sense of horror that anti-riot policing techniques were being used in the peaceable and … Continue reading

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Spilling some ink for Lynne Featherstone in hope of saving lives of women and girls

This post first appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice Earlier this week we told you of Paddy Ashdown’s visit to Bangladesh to raise awareness of the need for clean stoves. This is also an area where Liberal Democrat International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone … Continue reading

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Thank heavens for Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and David Laws holding the Tories back on illiberal and ineffective knife crime proposal

I could give you the link to the Daily Fail story which, predictably, throws much more bile in The Cleggster’s direction, but I’ll stick with the Guardian story, which states that the Liberal Democrats have stopped the Tories introducing a … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg’s Twitter Townhall – an irreverent analysis, and the bit that the official account airbrushed out

So I spent half an hour faffing around with Storify earlier, trying to get all of Nick Clegg’s Twitter Townhall session in one place. Paul Walter was so much cleverer over at Liberal Democrat Voice – he used the publicly … Continue reading

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