Nick Clegg’s Twitter Townhall – an irreverent analysis, and the bit that the official account airbrushed out

So I spent half an hour faffing around with Storify earlier, trying to get all of Nick Clegg’s Twitter Townhall session in one place. Paul Walter was so much cleverer over at Liberal Democrat Voice – he used the publicly available official Lib Dem one.

By the time I’d realised this, the air was blue and I was half way through mine. It was slightly more irreverent, so I decided to stick with it. For some reason, though,  the technology ate some of the earlier questions, including this one:

I was particularly interested by the massive typo that’s in UKIP’s own literature. If they can’t tell their millions from their billions, there really is no hope for them.  Anyway, here’s my Storify thingy which I hope embeds this time. The Call Clegg one I did earlier wouldn’t for love, money or profanity. 

Nick was on good form. It’s not easy to answer rapid fire questions in 140 characters but he managed it coherently. He was even very funny, as his answer about the fireproof leaflet shows. 

He managed to get over some important messages, about mental health as well as further plans to raise tax threshold as well as share that he prefers strawberry milkshakes over chocolate. Bizarrely he then said he dunked his Hob Nobs. In a strawberry milkshake? Truly disgusting. 

It was quite good that he had a few nifty info graphics to hand to brighten up his timeline and illustrate the points he was making. One thing that has been seemingly airbrushed from his official Storify is a link to this video which he posted to illustrate the first point about Cameron and Miliband being missing in action. It depicts Miliband in various staring into space doing nothing poses and is labelled What Ed had to say about UKIP. Unfortunately for the people who spent great amounts of time putting the video together, Ed had quite a lot to say about the evils of UKIP in the Mirror yesterday. Now the labelling on that video would have been accurate if UKIP had been replaced by the EU because he’s being pretty timid on that front.

Anyway, here is my record of the event. Enjoy. 

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