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The weirdest evening I’ve ever spent at taxpayers’ expense #indyref

Well, last night was a weird evening. And I know what weird is. I go to the Glee Club a wild, rude, drunken end of Liberal Democrat Conference singalong and Doctor Who conventions. This, though, was the Scotland’s Future taxpayer … Continue reading

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In Full: Alistair Carmichael’s speech to Amnesty groups in Glasgow

Today is the UN’s Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland, has been a long time supporter of Amnesty. Last night he spoke to Amnesty Groups in Glasgow about the imprisonment … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Cruel Victory: The French Resistance, D-Day and the Battle for Vercors 1944 by Paddy Ashdown

It is not like me to read books about wars and battles, but after being so moved and angered by Paddy Ashdown’s excellent portrayal of the inaugural mission of the Special Boat Service, A Brilliant Little Operation, I knew that I had … Continue reading

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Charles Kennedy: I miss being Rector of Glasgow University more than I miss being leader of the Liberal Democrats

Last week, Charles Kennedy spoke in Liverpool as part of the Liverpool John Moore University’s Roscoe series of lectures. His subject was the ongoing debate on Scottish independence and his comments were, as you would expect,  enlightening, in fact one … Continue reading


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Yes Scotland is a bit late to realise that Wings over Scotland is bad news

About two years too late, the Yes Scotland campaign has started to distance itself from controversial pro-independence blog Wings over Scotland,  run by a Bath based individual who describes himself as “Rev” Stuart Campbell. The Courier reports that Yes Scotland has … Continue reading

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Why we need Liberal Democrats: consensual stop and searches of under 12s halted

The Scottish Liberal Democrats aren’t in Government at the moment. Despite that, the small Parliamentary group has had quite an impact in the past 3 years. Willie Rennie has had Salmond squirming at First Minister’s Questions over his associations with … Continue reading

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Damn you, Nick Clegg!

I was trying to have a day off a day hard at work lying on a sun lounger reading Paddy’s new book so I can review it for Liberal Democrat Voice. Stupidly, I checked my phone and saw a tweet … Continue reading

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Rev Stu said he couldn’t find any abuse of Clare Lally – he should look at the comments on his own website

The “Rev Stuart Campbell”‘ author of the Wings over Scotland website took to any broadcasting outlet that would listen yesterday to say that the debate around Clare Lally, the Better Together activist villified by Yes supporters, was, basically, a big … Continue reading

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Scotland: Where the First Minister’s Special Adviser tells lies about political opponent – and gets away with it

On Monday, there were various events to mark 100 days to go to the referendum on Scottish independence. At the main Better Together event in Glasgow, Clare Lally, a Scottish Mum of the Year winner and advocate for carers who also happens … Continue reading

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Scottish Charity Twitter account calls J K Rowling a “bitch”

This morning it was announced that Harry Potter author J K Rowling had given £1 million to the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK. That’s her perfect right in exactly the same way as it’s the perfect right of … Continue reading

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