Rev Stu said he couldn’t find any abuse of Clare Lally – he should look at the comments on his own website

The “Rev Stuart Campbell”‘ author of the Wings over Scotland website took to any broadcasting outlet that would listen yesterday to say that the debate around Clare Lally, the Better Together activist villified by Yes supporters, was, basically, a big fuss about nothing.

He took to Twitter last night calling for evidence that Clare had been subject to online abuse.

I can help him. The following contains accusations that Clare uses her disabled daughter for political ends, that she’s a fool, liar and idiot. “Rev Stu” might not think they constitute abuse, but most reasonable people would disagree.











And where do these come from?

From the comments on the article that Rev Stu wrote himself. He told me last night that he deletes abusive stuff. But our definitions of what constitutes abuse clearly differ. Last month he referred to Alex Johnstone MSP as “sewer dwelling vermin” and an “a***hole”. That might be ok to him but it surely isn’t for most people.


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7 Responses to Rev Stu said he couldn’t find any abuse of Clare Lally – he should look at the comments on his own website

  1. RevStu says:

    Um, which of those are actually meant to be “abusive”? I got about halfway down and hadn’t seen any by then, so I gave up. Want to narrow it down a bit?

    Oh, and just so we’re on the same page terminology-wise: I absolutely did abuse Alex Johnstone. He deserved every word of it, and what’s more I’ll happily say it right to (his) face if I ever get the opportunity.


  2. Ben says:

    The things said here are really no worse than those things said about other politically active individuals. I believe Salmond himself has had worse. Can you write an article deriding that aswell?


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  4. John Sweevo says:

    I really dont see any evidence of “abuse” here just facts

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  5. jamie frame says:

    What is abusive about any of those comments? This is a quite disturbing episode on media manipulation of the truth. I have struggled to find any abusive or misogynistic comments made about Ms. Lally anywhere! Considering this, it is incredible that it is presented as an established fact that she has been abused online.

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  6. David Skilling says:

    I have to agree With Revstu I have looked at them and fail to see abuse. Infact someone even defends her. Who’s spinning now, it seems day by day the better together camp get more desperate, it’s any excuse to get at yes and Salmond.


  7. Rod Graham says:

    Ms Lally is a politician. The kind of comments you’ve chosen to highlight are standard fare for politicians – not worthy of the name “abuse”.


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