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Rev Stu said he couldn’t find any abuse of Clare Lally – he should look at the comments on his own website

The “Rev Stuart Campbell”‘ author of the Wings over Scotland website took to any broadcasting outlet that would listen yesterday to say that the debate around Clare Lally, the Better Together activist villified by Yes supporters, was, basically, a big … Continue reading

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Scotland: Where the First Minister’s Special Adviser tells lies about political opponent – and gets away with it

On Monday, there were various events to mark 100 days to go to the referendum on Scottish independence. At the main Better Together event in Glasgow, Clare Lally, a Scottish Mum of the Year winner and advocate for carers who also happens … Continue reading

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Scottish Charity Twitter account calls J K Rowling a “bitch”

This morning it was announced that Harry Potter author J K Rowling had given £1 million to the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK. That’s her perfect right in exactly the same way as it’s the perfect right of … Continue reading

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Tales from the Federal Executive: The one where we talked about the elections

The Liberal Democrats’ Federal Executive met last night in a Westminster Committee room looking out on a grey and brooding Thames. The meeting had a bit of a comedy start with a last minute change of venue leaving member scurrying … Continue reading

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Would you have voted Tory in Newark?

Imagine you are a Liberal Democrat voter in Newark. You’ve seen the Lib Dem candidate David Watts about and you like him. Anyone with that sort of humour and energy when his party seems to be falling apart has got … Continue reading

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Women for Independence cartoon doesn’t even pass the Bechdel Test #indyref

Way back in the 1980s, cartoonist Alison Bechdel developed a way of measuring the portrayal of women in various media. The idea is that to pass the Bechdel Test, any given work has to have at least two women, talking … Continue reading

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Alison McInnes calls for independent review as figures show 41% increase in prisoners kept in solitary confinement

You may have noticed I don’t have much time for the Scottish Justice Secretary, “Clear Desk” Kenny MacAskill. It’s hardly surprising given that he seems to be the Fount of all Illiberality. In fact, he could teach Chris Grayling and … Continue reading

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