BBC Breakfast’s Steph McGovern “kicking myself” for not correcting script on Magaluf incident

I am full of respect for the BBC’s Steph McGovern today.

Remember that much-reported incident in a Magaluf bar when 25 people indulged in a drink-fuelled public sex game? Well, it was in the news again today as the local Council has taken action to curb such activity and the Balearic Government plans an advertising campaign telling British people how to behave on holiday. I can’t wait to see how that’s worded. When talking about it on BBC Breakfast, Steph referred to the incident where an 18 year old girl was involved in sex acts. No mention of the 24 men involved at all. Of course she had all the vocal disapproval that social media could muster levelled at her.

To be fair to Steph, she’s not the first to make that mistake. It’s been depressingly commonplace. However, I tweeted her about it and I’m really impressed that she bothered to take the time to respond, saying that she thought my point was a fair one.  Here’s our exchange:

I feel reassured that she gets it and was willing to say so publicly. 

The BBC’s coverage, was, of course much more responsible than anything you’d find in the tabloids. Holly Baxter in the Guardian pointed out the extreme irony that it was the Sun who brought us the story in the first place:

It’s no secret that the Sun is part of the sexism problem rather than the solution. But what I read into its latest “investigation” – or if we call it what it is, its latest medieval public shaming of a young girl – is a stark warning.

What it says is: we get to police your sexuality. We choose what is sexually pleasing, what is provocative, where the lines lie and when they are blurred. When you’re airbrushed and squeezed into a Wonderbra on a billboard in a train station, you’re within our boundaries. When you’re drunk or sexually aggressive or blase or, God forbid, a combination of all of these, then you’re outside. You’re a disgrace to yourself, your father and your country.

If you don’t learn to play the game and let us tell you what you can and can’t do with your hands, your mouth and your vagina, then we’ll come for you. It won’t be any of those men who you performed sex acts with on the dancefloor who everyone on social media is denouncing in the strongest language possible. It will be you alone who is the subject of a discussion about how British women have gone too far.


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