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Lib Dem Alison McInnes saves our civil liberties….again

There may only be five Scottish Liberal Democrat MSPs,sadly, but by heavens they have delivered incredible things. As Justice Spokesperson for the last four years, Alison McInnes has stopped the SNP Government in its tracks several times. She couldn’t stop … Continue reading


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SNP candidate says: “Politicians are a fair target for community justice” – and why that scares me

There’s an article in today’s Telegraph which details the febrile political atmosphere in Scotland at the moment. Andrew Gilligan describes being out on the campaign trail with Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland While she was canvassing voters on … Continue reading

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Why are police forces getting away with misogynistic, victim blaming rape prevention campaigns?

I was horrified to hear this afternoon that Sussex Police are launching a campaign to encourage women to stay together to avoid the possibility of rape and sexual assault.This is what they tweeted last week: Friends who play together, stay … Continue reading

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