#361 and #360 to 50

The last two days have been busy, busy, busy. I’ve had so much to do before going off on holiday and seem to have succeeded in doing very little of it. We’ve welcomed another teenager who is going to be coming on holiday with us for the third Summer. She’s an absolute delight to have around and the two of them are a brilliant laugh together. Boy, though, can they cheat at board games.

Last night I went into Edinburgh to see former Lib Dem MEP Elspeth Attwooll take a lawyer’s look at Scotland’s options around Brexit. It was a lively and thoughtful discussion with the consensus in the room being that we need to be very clear that we are opposed to Brexit and get in the business of changing hearts and minds.

Here is Elspeth speaking.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 00.10.44

Today has bene frantic – juggling medical appointments, niecely chauffeuring duties, packing and writing . I also managed to nip to the gym for a fly half hour on a cross-trainer and a quick dip in the pool.

Tomorrow we head to the Highlands. You may well end up getting #359 to #345 in a oner in two weeks’ time as I have managed to book a cottage with no wifi. I am already having separation anxiety from the internet, but maybe a digital detox, much in the news this week, is what I need.

This break is the first time we’ve been away for a fortnight since 2008. Typically, storms and gales are predicted for tomorrow as we arrive. I hope they will subside quickly so that I can  take the dog for long walks on Rosemarkie Beach. Being there  just melts my heart. It is one of the few places I have walked with everyone I have ever loved and I feel that I have them all with me when I am there..

I’ll be able to read lots, chill out and watch the Olympics. I’m sitting here watching the opening ceremony. It doesn’t quite have the emotional punch of London 2012. It couldn’t possibly because that was home. It’s enjoyable, though. My image for today is therefore this:

Embed from Getty Images

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2 Responses to #361 and #360 to 50

  1. Andrew says:

    Am here to find out more about your Lib Dem newsletter, because I’m sick to death of Labour’s woes in the news every single week, when there’s an awesome opposition party who were in government just a year or so ago, and yet we never seem to hear or see them in the news, there’s little new on your Youtube channel, and I’ve no idea what the party’s up to, or what their responses to unfolding events are, and in the internet age, I can’t wait for your conference, that’s too far off. So! I’m off to google for “Liberal Democrat Voice” and try and learn what this fortnightly thing you do actually is, =). As regards to: “get in the business of changing hearts and minds” – you can never do that, ^_^. I’d recommend reading some Carnegie (How to win friends and influence people – where he advises helpful suggestions, and clearly outlining benefits – allowing people to buy into suggestions, instead of trying to sell ideas to them … i.e. they change their own hearts and minds), Chomsky (Media Control – on setting a political agenda, and then getting the public behind it using propaganda), and Zizek (Ticklish Subject – on subjectivisation and people’s passionate attachments in life, and stubborn attachments to them – something that could explain Nigel Farage, Terrorists, and someone giving their life to Lib Dem campaigning, all pretty well, ^_^). That said, I haven’t read any of those books in full. I just read a page here, or a page there, and use any useful theories, =). Anyway! Am off to google, to see if I can find something on the Lib Dem Voice… apologies if there’s something already on this site about it, I’ve only just got here… ^_^…. still exploring, =).


  2. Andrew says:

    Ahh! Turns out Lib Dem Voice is a website, =). I hadn’t realised. Your fortnight reference, not a reference to a newsletter frequency, but literally you going away for a fortnight. XD. Haha. Gosh, how embarrassingly ignorant of me. =). Hope you’ve enjoyed your break so far, =).


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