359-355 to 50

Here’s the first instalment of my holiday catch up in my quest to post an image a day from the last year of my 40s.

I’ve been away in a holiday cottage with no wifi for two blissful weeks.


On Saturday 6th August, we drove north through rain and frustrating traffic queues to our holiday cottage on the Black Isle just north of Inverness.

It didn’t take me long to decide that I could happily live with this view for a fortnight.



For me, Rosemarkie Beach is my favourite place on earth. I have walked on it with everyone I have ever loved. It has wonderful, vibrant greenery, a dramatic rockscape, rich pinky-caramel sand and a view that always, always delivers. Its restorative tranquility is good for the soul.

It’s not just me who’s a fan. I have never seen a dog as happy as Hazel was when she realised she was back there even though it was blowing a gale.



I headed into Inverness to spend some time with my sister and her family. While I was there, I read one of the best things I have ever read in my life. It was my niece Aimee’s school project. She was allowed to do it on any subject of her choice. She very cleverly produced a report of a criminal investigation into the horrible and brutal murder of Mr Penguin. Aimee as detective deduced who had committed the crime from a list of suspects from her family. In doing so she looked at a number of actual forensic science techniques and did experiments. It was very well done. Her teacher’s comment was something like “This is completely bonkers but brilliant.”

I should point out that no actual penguins were harmed in the making of this project.



A day at the Highland Wildlife Park for Bob and the teenagers while I took Hazel to Loch Morlich. She wasn’t very keen on the area at all and walked with very bad grace. She made it clear that this was not what she had envisaged doing on her 2nd birthday. The photo shows her new collar embellishments chosen by the teenagers.





Dogs aren’t allowed on the sofas in the holiday cottage so Bob snuggled up with Hazel on the floor. This dog isn’t in any way spoiled….

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Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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