#344 – #340 to 50

Here’s the next catch-up instalment of my quest to take a photo a day during the last year of my 40s.

We are now back home in Livingston after a wonderful holiday.


I went over for the second day of Pride Glasgow, which was a good deal drier than the first. In fact, by the end of the afternoon, it was glorious sunshine. We must have taken a wee bit of the Black Isle sunshine with us.

I was helping out on a stall, but also managed to hit the very classy tat stands and spent a fortune in flags and teddy bears and other stuff.

I had al lovely lunch, too – stories with black pudding, beetroot and oatcakes.

It was a super day – and great to see my friends’ sons having a whale of a time together.



It’s been a while since we’ve had a cute photo of Hazel.



The kids decided to bake these sticky, gooey, jammy rolls. They were absolutely delicious. Seriously. I only had a tiny corner just to say I’d tasted it, but I loved it.



I had been really rubbish about the Festival this year. Normally I’m never away from the Book Festival but the tickets went on sale just around the time of the Referendum when I was busy or scunnered.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning, I decided to see what was happening that day. To my utter amazement, I discovered that feminist icon Erico Jong (not pronounced Yong) was not sold out. And Vince Cable was!  I also managed to get a return for Vince. What a contrast. Erica Jong was so funny. Ruth Wishart, who was the skilful interviewer, got the best out of her.

Vince was as sage as ever, talking about Brexit and the economy. I don’t agree with him that we just have to accept that Brexit is happening, though.



Edinburgh at sunset.

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