Guest Post: Four reasons to #voteLayla by Ryan Hollinsworth

Editor’s Note: Ryan Hollinsworth joined the Scottish Liberal Democrats recently, You can find him on twitter @ryanhollinswor5. Here he explains why he has decided to vote for Layla Moran in the Liberal Democrats Leadership contest

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As the ballot papers go out for the leadership contest this week, I’ve decided to go over why I’m voting for Layla Moran:

  1. She knows how to win over the voters we lost:

Winning the support of soft Tories is key to a positive outcome for our party. Both leadership candidates have acknowledged that, but Layla has the history of winning over Tory majorities which she done in 2017 by 816 votes. In the Social Liberal Forum meeting she also said that many people don’t actually know what we stand for except from our stance on Brexit and we need to change that if we want to win back the voters we lost.

  1. She was not involved in the coalition:

Nobody can deny that the Lib Dems achieved some great things in the coalition: Same sex marriage; funding for disadvantaged school kids; convincing the Tories to invest into renewables. But of course, there were things that happened in the coalition that do not show our party’s liberal values. Any leader of the Lib Dem who was part of the coalition is going to be quizzed on things that they played a part in and that will put some voters off supporting us. Now by no means am I saying that voting someone who wasn’t involved in the Coalition will solve the problem. It won’t, but it’s a start to winning back the trust of the voters we lost.

  1. Her plan for the education system:

As a former teacher Layla understands the problems that the current education system has, as she said in the Social Liberal Forum Q&A, schools are making kids “Exam ready, not world ready”. She understands that schools are more interested in children’s academic talents rather than practical ones.

  1. Her focus on local councils:

Layla also mentions in her plan that she wants to listen more to local councils rather than “imposing messages that work against local aims”. This is again showing her determination to win back trust for the party and to try and earn broad support across the country.

These reasons and much more are why I am voting for Layla Moran as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats and I think you should too.

You can find out more about Layla’s campaign here.


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