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But what about Afghanistan’s girls, Paddy?

Paddy Ashdown has called for British troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan “quick, neat and soon”. It’s hard to argue with him about the catalogue of political and international failure to provide the sort of support that could have made … Continue reading

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Michael Moore MP’s Westminster Notes – Scotland better off in Union

Michael Moore MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, writes a weekly column for newspapers in his Borders constituency. I have been publishing them on Liberal Democrat Voice. Here are the last two weeks’ columns in full. Special praise is due to … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg’s plea for the people of Pakistan

>Nick Clegg sent one of his regular e-mails to Liberal Democrat members today, talking about his recent visits to Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was clearly affected by the devastation he saw in the flood damaged area of Pakistan which has … Continue reading

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>When you really have to get the details and the spelling right

>I’m well known in the blogosphere and beyond for being freakishly obsessive about spelling and punctuation. I have, to my eternal shame, even upset people by going on about it. I didn’t mean to be evil,but the discovery that my … Continue reading

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>What I’d like Nick Clegg to say on Afghanistan

>Nick Clegg called today for a Government of National Unity in Afghanistan. He said: “Afghanistan will never see the dramatic change it needs unless Karzai works with his opponents to reach across ethnic and tribal divisions, stamp out corruption, and … Continue reading

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>Panorama shows plight of Afghan Women

>Last night I settled down to watch Panorama, knowing that I’d find it absolutely horrendous to see its depiction of the terrible repression in Afghanistan. Reporter Jane Corbin had been to Afghanistan and had interviewed women who had suffered terrible … Continue reading

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>Afghan President betrays Shia Women

>How far would you go to win an election? I don’t think anyone I know in any party would ever betray women in the way that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has done. In order to get the support of Shia … Continue reading

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>Two approaches to the war in Afghanistan

>I’ve woken up this morning to two different articles on the war in Afghanistan. The first is by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg in the Telegraph in which he outlines the ways in which the Government could improve the way … Continue reading

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