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Patrick Wintour has written a long analysis of Labour’s General Election campaign. It outlines strategic misjudgements, disagreements and errors by Ed Miliband and makes a very interesting read. Before anyone says it for me, a similar account for the Liberal … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie: "In 20 years, they’ll be glad they had nursery education at an early stage because it might just change their life chances"

There were extraordinary scenes in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. First of all, the Scottish Liberal Democrats didn’t even vote for their amendment, and nor did anyone else. They didn’t have to, because the Scottish Government had taken a big … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie talks about domestic abuse and Bill Walker, Yes Scotland supporter tweets he has a "face you just want to hit with a shovel"

Willie Rennie went on Channel 4 News to talk about why he wants to see convicted violent abuser Bill Walker MSP (TM Better Nation) out of the Parliament. He talked about how he wanted to see a recall law to … Continue reading

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Johann Lamont’s best line ever at FMQs – and it wasn’t even accurate….

It’s been a bit of a pandatastic week. The Edinburgh Zoo pandas have been here for 18 months and have so far managed to avoid the First Minister. Until the other day. The way he pronounced on Tian Tian’s medical … Continue reading

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Salmond propmises post independence childcare revolution weeks after turning down Rennie’s plans for nursery education

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond  gave his keynote speech to SNP Conference this afternoon. There were three things in it that struck me as a Liberal Democrat. A numbers game Apparently a “yes” vote for independence would be a vote … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Day of Destiny clashes with Liberal Democrat Conference

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond announced today that the Independence Referendum would be held on 18th September 2014.  Three and a half years of preparation and campaigning will come to an end and Scotland will decide whether its future lies within the … Continue reading

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Poor Angela Constance…#scomnishambles

I really feel for Youth Employment minister Angela Constance. While every other politician in Scotland was living it up in luxury at the posh Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh for the Scottish Politician of the Year awards, she was doing … Continue reading

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Scomnishambles: a(nother) day Alex Salmond would rather forget

I probably owe Johann Lamont an apology. I thought she was letting Alex Salmond walk all over her at First Minister’s Questions today. She was trying to pull him up on college shambles. He seemed absolutely sure of his figures. … Continue reading

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What do SNP ministers do to get themselves out of a sticky situation? Rewrite the rules, of course

Just when you thought the farce over the non-existent legal advice on Scotland’s EU membership was over, yesterday’s Herald has news of yet another twist. Remember how keen Alex Salmond was to refer himself on the Ministerial Code? Apart from … Continue reading

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Mike Moore described as Westminster’s answer to James Bond

It’s been a while since Scottish Liberal Democrats have had much in the way of positive press coverage. This week has seen a bit of a bumper crop, though. First, there was the Why we need the Lib Dems article … Continue reading

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