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In Full: Alistair Carmichael’s New Year Speech – A positive vision of UK’s achievements to contrast with the incoherent nationalist position

This is very long, but I thought it was worth posting in full. My analysis is here on Liberal Democrat Voice. You can never really get the full flavour of a 14 page speech into a blog post. It’s not always … Continue reading

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First reactions to #whitepaper on independence and three initial questions from me

For months, years, even, whenever we’ve asked questions about independence, after we’ve been accused of scaremongering, we’ve been told to wait for the White Paper. Well, that wait is over as the White Paper has now been published – or is … Continue reading

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SNP Councillor calls Alistair Carmichael a "supposed Scot" as furious debate over shipyards continues for too long

It’s been a fairly depressing couple of days for anyone watching the independence referendum campaign north of the border. Both sides would do well to remember that people are losing their jobs in Portsmouth, Glasgow and Rosyth after the BAE … Continue reading

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Why this Go Sober malarkey, behind the fun and banter and rivalry, actually matters

A long time ago. It’s Christmas morning, but nobody’s celebrating. The household is pretty frantic because one of its number, as her life nears its end, is really distressed. A phone call. A short time passes and two Macmillan Cancer … Continue reading

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Carmichael welcomes UK Government’s tax cut for 70,000 Scottish businesses

Today the UK Government unveils its National Insurance Contributions Bill which will give a £2000 a year tax cut to around 70,000 Scottish businesses and will take 35,000 out of paying Employers’ NICs altogether. This picture from the Treasury explains … Continue reading

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Ignored by David Ward

Recently, David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East was suspended from the Party Whip until the eve of Conference in Glasgow over tweets which under some interpretations could question the right of the state of Israel to exist. On … Continue reading

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The Carmichael Twinterview – Pandas, policy and cake

Just before Christmas, Scottish Liberal Democrat members received a newsletter which contained a “Twinterview” with Chief Whip and Scottish Deputy Leader Alistair Carmichael. This is a chat he had with me – in which questions and answers had to be … Continue reading

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Scottish Liberal Democrats mourn John Morrison

This is one of those blog posts you never, ever want to write. Reporting the news of the death of a colleague is horrible. This is the post I published on Liberal Democrat Voice yesterday. The only thing to add … Continue reading

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I’m feeling a bit sorry for Nadine Dorries…….

…..which I know is not going to be popular view, but I suspect the next week is going to showcase some not very attractive facets of the mob mentality that sometimes arises around these reality tv shows. Almost 10 years … Continue reading

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Indian Dance to Speed Mentoring to Barnstorming Speeches – Caron’s top ten highlights of Scottish Conference.

Scottish Liberal Democrats met in Inverness last weekend for a lively 3 day Conference. Here are my top ten highlights. Leader Willie Rennie’s first ever Spring Conference speech, delivered with sincerity and passion. He implored the First Minister to make as much … Continue reading

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