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SNP’s criticism of Darling’s visit to Tory conference is worrying

So, the Scottish Tories are meeting in Stirling this weekend for two days of torrid whispering in corners about Ruth Davidson’s leadership and not discussing more powers for the Scottish Parliament. The event will also feature a Better Together reception as … Continue reading

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>Ask the Chancellors: The Morning After

>As you know, I was a bit impressed with our boy last night. But don’t take my word for the fact that he was good. He didn’t have quite so far to go to convince me, but he gets a … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg puts fairness first at PMQs as Speaker jokes about calling helpline

>You wouldn’t have needed a top of the range crystal ball to have an inkling that PMQs would descend into mudslinging, given Bullygate and Alistair Darling’s comments. Would Cameron unleash the forces of hell on the Prime Minister? The Prime … Continue reading

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