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Willie Rennie was right: Alex Salmond did panda to China over Dalai Lama

So, now we know. Willie Rennie was right all along. Scotland’s First Minister didn’t put up any sort of a fight when China sent the boys round to talk about the Dalai Lama. Today’s Scotsman has the details. The Scottish … Continue reading

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Amnesty Scotland tells Russia: stop arming Syria

Campaigners protest at Russian Consulate in Edinburgh. Photo: Shabnum Mustapha I was up early on Saturday morning to join an Amnesty Scotland protest outside the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh. The event was to mark 500 days since the start of … Continue reading

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Amnesty Scotland disappointed that Scottish Government is not meeting Dalai Lama #dontpandatoChina

I asked on Monday why on earth Alex Salmond wouldn’t meet the Dalai Lama. It now seems worse than I had anticipated as Dundee City Council have gone at best lukewarm over an event they were supposed to be full … Continue reading

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