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Easter holidays: Black Isle bliss in a Boathouse – and a beautiful baby, too

So, I said to the Liberal Democrat Voice team just before I headed off for a week in the Highlands mostly sans internet signal “Don’t let anyone do anything interesting while I’m away.” That worked out well. A wee bit … Continue reading

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Caron’s Catch-up – Easter special

I decided it was time to start a new mini feature where I could quickly write down all the things I don’t get round to writing proper blog posts about.Where I’ve been: Nowhere very much, a change from most of … Continue reading

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Baby Ethan is here!

How gorgeous is my lovely younger nephew, born at 12:20 am today? Unlike the rest of his siblings, we knew his name and what he looked like before his arrival due to the wonders of technology. He may have been … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Baby Ethan’s arrival…

At some point in the next couple of weeks, my new nephew, Baby Ethan, will be born. We already have a little idea what he looks like from one of these full colour 4D scans. He is the spitting image … Continue reading

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Starbucks tax farce is one thing – but messing with my unborn nephew is another

The idea that you or I could just turn up at our local tax office and tell them how much tax we were going to pay them is utterly ridiculous. I’d kind of like to try, just to see their … Continue reading

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