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>Pride and the President

>Sometimes I look at President Obama and have to remember that I’m not watching an episode of the West Wing. The good stuff he’s doing is actually real. I suppose it’s only fair after spending 8 years fearing what Bush … Continue reading

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>Saturday Fun – Barack Obama Saves the Day Jibjab video

>See, there is a point to reading Jonathan Ross’s tweets. He’s just commented on this brilliant new JibJab animation. Enjoy: Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! LibDig This!

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>Obama writes note to excuse child from school

>Two Obama stories in one day, and this one came to my attention via my friend Jamie, but I couldn’t resist this one. While meeting health care workers the other day as part of his plan to reform healthcare, Obama … Continue reading

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>PETA attack Obama for swatting fly

>Well, I suppose it’s one way of getting publicity – sending the most powerful man in the world a humane bug killer after he was filmed swatting a fly on tv. Trouble is, most people who read the story will … Continue reading

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>Obama does half a job on torture

>I’ve been sickened by reading the extent to which the US sanctioned torture during the Bush administration. Here are some of the things they did: Imagine being kept, standing up, without sleep for 7.5 days. I am petrified of wasps … Continue reading

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>A Trip Down Memory Lane for my 500th post

>It’s taken 2.5 years, but I’ve managed to chock up half a millennium’s worth of posts. In the style of many US TV series, I thought I’d make this a bit of a flashback episode and remind you of some … Continue reading

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>The Dawning of the Age of Obama

>He campaigned as the idealist promising change we can believe in and now Barack Obama is officially able to deliver that change. The Inauguration Ceremony was lovely, although somebody had better check that he actually is legal given that neither … Continue reading

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>YIPPEE – he’s done it! Phew!

>Ok, you can’t really argue with the other guy giving up. I believe it now. I’m smiling. McCain is being very generous in defeat and offering help and support in the future. I know I should go to bed, but … Continue reading

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>Obama in Denver 26th October

>I wanted to put this up to show the first part of his speech, before he gets into his full oratorical stride – generously thanking all those who helped him and name checking fellow Democrats running for election. It’s no … Continue reading

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>Obama takes over networks to ask people to knock on doors…….

>I’ve seen some pretty awful Party Political Broadcasts in my time, not least from my own Party – does anyone remember Rosie Barnes and her rabbit? The video below is a bit of a masterclass in how it’s done – … Continue reading

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